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sábado, 2 de outubro de 2010

Crappy and Antique GFX #1: Photofiltre

I found my old photobucket account and I've felt so much nostalgia that I tought I should share it with you guys... And to accompain this nostalgic/comic momment, I give you Obadiah Parker 

I'm going to divide this on 3 parts and in the next 3 days, you'll have a glimpse of what I used to be and compare it to what I am now... Here it is my old GFX Art, part 1: "Photofiltre"

My first signature, still had no idea whatsoever of renders.
This one actually looks nice, simplistic... I had no idea of what I had done..

Possibly, my first GFX Art, made with Photofiltre only.
My first wallpaper (At least looks like it)... Made with the god dammed Photofiltre when I had no idea of what a render was.

I actually remember using this thing as an wallpaper, tough you gotta admit, the Trunks above the text looks badass...
I dare you to make anything better !
Tapion... What a lousy idea it came out to be using a .gif of you to make this... WTF is this ?
This would've looked nice... But see, maggie is the same size as Homer and that wouldn't work, now would it ?
Still hadn't use renders...
The Loading Screen for my DBZ Game...
Does this count as GFX ?

Very simplistic, not symetric, but hey... I used a render !!!
Oh lord...
Buu's legs... Shit... Oh god, what have I done...
This has awesome written all over it...
Render? What for ?
This ought to make a nice avatar, a big BIG avatar...

And that is all for today... Please have mercy on me in the comments x) Tomorrow prepare for a mix of GIMP and Photofiltre and a slight improvement, nevertheless get ready for Naruto, lots of Naruto... 
I know I'll regret asking this, but please, gimme your feedback, hit me with all your might...

21 comentários:

  1. Nostalgia yeah, just remembered how as a kid i watched Dragonball every morning before going to school. Those days...

  2. yeah dragonball is very nostalgia-inducing.. its fun to remenis about the good ol' days :P

  3. Never liked Dragon Ball Z, don't know why everybody loved it so much

  4. Used to read the manga's when i was little

  5. i remember dbz, towards the end they were just dragging the episodes out though :(

  6. Woho! I like Dragon Ball a lot :D Thanks man

  7. The song made the post really easy to read, maybe I should do that...

    Nice pictures btw.... ;)

  8. i absolutely used to love dbz when i was younger, nice pictures

  9. Nice pictures ????? LOL I didn't even knew what I was doing =/

  10. Neat sigs.

    Been a while since I've seen anything DBZ-related.