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sexta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2010


Fresh work... After my post on shrooms and seeing that Outlands have been getting some votes for the most liked World of Warcraft continent, I decided to post one of my favourite zones of the game... Artisticly, of course...

I took the screenshots and I took some time doing this, I understand it's not my usual work with Inversions and blurrings and it's not that colorful either, but hey, I'm just giving it a try...

Since most of my followers seem to like mushrooms quite a bit... Here it is Zangarmarsh

Again I'd like to ask your feedback and some comments on the issue. I assure you mushrooms are really quite good guys ^^

11 comentários:

  1. man i used to play wow like a beast! 12000 crits i miss it!

  2. i like it, I'm not sure what the original image looks like, but i like the smokey dark feel to it

  3. you know I thought the same exact thing a week ago

  4. very cool, keep it up, your style is fun to look at.

  5. I think I might go and have some shrooms after looking at that